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This page is my photo portfolio containing my finest works as a photographer!

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Hunter's Moon 2023
The opportunity to shoot something I could only dream of was presented to me at the end of October 2023. I finally grasped the technique of tracing the path of planes in the skies relative to the moon and went straight for it! And on that day this shot was made! What you see on this photo is a Tarom Airbus A318 flying right in the middle of the 99.8% Hunter's Moon 2023! It is my best creative photo to this date.
Athens November 2023
Here you can see a collection of pictures taken on November of 2023 in the Athens Airport. Here I included the best ones of them! Some were taken during sunrise, some during sunset and some during broad daylight, but what makes them similar is that they were all made with love, care and dedication!
Athens Flying Week 2023
These beautiful photos were all made during one of Europe's biggest airshows - Athens Flying Week!
it is widely considered to be one of the best airshows in the world, giving me the opportunity to shoot some absolutely stunning captures!
Vertical Velocity
These two works are two great examples of
vertical aviation photos done right!
Their release on JetPhotos was made to wide user's acclaim!
On your left you can observe Fursan Al Emarat
executing a breathtaking stunt over Tanagra, taking the shape of a heart in the colours of the Emirati flag!
On your right is a Eurofighter of the Saudi Arabian Royal Air Force making a beautiful flyby with it's belly fully exposed to the sun and thus - to my camera!
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